University of Victoria Grad Student Society

What a term, eh?! The GSS wants to extend a warm "happy holidays" to our grad students! We survived!
Dec 16, 2017 @ 8:00am

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The University of Victoria Graduate Students' Society (GSS) is a democratic, non-profit society dedicated to serving the interests of graduate students at the University of Victoria.

The GSS is governed by its Constitution & Bylaws and its Policies.

Every graduate student at UVIC is a member of the GSS and has a vote in our elections and at our General Meetings. Members can also vote in elections or stand for election to the GSS Executive Board or Graduate Representative Council.

Our purposes are to provide services to graduate students, represent graduate students to the university, increase democratic involvement of graduate students in the university's governance, and to offer social activities for our membership.


Learn more about the democratic structure of the GSS

Review GSS records

Graduate student representation at UVIC

on UVIC Committees, Senate and Board of Governors

Calls for committee candidates are circulated on the GSS weekly email bulletin. Have you heard about a committee vacancy that interests you? Submit a nomination for a position on a commtitee.