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Start gearing up for our final event of 2017! Our gingerbread house and movie night, December 20!
Dec 15, 2017 @ 8:01am

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GSS Fees

GSS fees are charged with your tuition each term, and will show on your fee statement (available through UVIC "My Page"). All GSS fees are set by referendum of UVIC graduate students in accordance with the GSS Bylaws.

Effective May 1, 2017 the GSS semester fee breakdown is:

Fee Regular Co-op Distance
Operating fund $41.65 $20.82 $41.65
Capital fund $ 9.45 $ 4.72 $ 9.45
Childcare fee $ 1.02 $0.51 $ 1.02
Student Group Fee             $ 10.53 $ 4.25 $ 8.50
Travel Grants $ 5.35  $2.68 $ 5.35

$ 68.01

 $ 32.98  $ 65.97


Student Group Fee breakdown:

VIPIRG $2.00
Ombudsperson $1.00
Anti-Violence Project $1.00
UVSS Clubs $0.50
UVSS Advocacy Groups $1.00
WUSC $3.00
Campus food bank: $1.02*
University 101: $0.51*

TOTAL Student group fee: $10.53

* Not charged for distance students, or students registered only in co-op.


Travel Grant Fee breakdown:

Conference travel grant fee $4.33 (2.17 on co-op)
Distance travel grant fee $1.02 (.51 on co-op)

TOTAL Student group fee: $ 5.35


Other fees

Health and Dental Plan: 

Full time on campus students are also charged for the GSS Extended Health and Dental insurance plan. Students are only assessed this fee once per year. To learn about this plan, including procedures to opt in, add family, or opt out, please visit here.

Bus Pass ("U-Pass"):

All on-campus students are assessed for the universal bus pass. This means yuor UVIC ID card can be used as a transit pass in greater Victoria. Off campus graduate students may opt into UPASS at the GSS but they must also opt in to  UVIC's Athletics and Recreation program* at the same time. Students who take on campus courses are eligible to opt out if they live outside the region, or due to other limited circumstances. To learn about the bus pass, please visit here

*While both the UPASS fee and the Athletics and Recreation fee were founded by student society referenda, and are collected with tuition, the GSS does not administer these fees. Instead UVIC remits the funds directly to those services.

Co-op students

If a student is in co-op only they are charged the coop fee and 1/2 the GSS fee plus their relevant tuition. If they are registered in courses (or project or thesis) as well as coop, they are charged the athletics and bus pass fee if they are registered as on campus.