University of Victoria Grad Student Society

Start gearing up for our final event of 2017! Our gingerbread house and movie night, December 20!
Dec 15, 2017 @ 8:01am

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GSS Governance

The Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) is an autonomous, not-for-profit society that strives to promote the interests and represent the views of graduate students at the University of Victoria. The society is democratically organized with members having a say through elections, referenda, general meetings and the Graduate Representative Council. The Society is governed by its Constitution and Bylaws, which can only be amended by referenda or at a general meeting of the membership.

The Society operates the George and Ida Halpern Centre for Graduate Students and offers a range of services to graduate students including the Grad House restaurant, Extended Health and Dental Plans, free room bookings and travel grants, to name a few.

The GSS also elects graduate students to sit on a variety of university committees.

The best way to learn of opportunities to be invovled in GSS governance, meetnigs, and decision making is to join the GSS weekly email bulletin.

The GSS operates in accordance with the BC Societies Act, and University Act. The Society is audited and provides audited statements for review at the October Annual General Meeting.

GSS Oranizational Governance structure (PDF)

GSS Executive Board Structure (PDF)

GSS 2017-2018 Strategic Plan

Audit, policy and governance documents can be found here.