University of Victoria Grad Student Society

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Grad Representation @ UVIC

The GSS has worked hard to increase graduate student representation at UVIC. In 2009, the seats on the University Senate for graduate students expanded from one to three.

representation in your department meetings

The GSS also campaigned for and secured a standard of practice for graduate student involvement in department meetings. This standard is supported by the Faculty of Graduate Students states the best practice is for an elected student representative to be a participating member (with voice, vote and the ability to put things on the agenda) of all department meetings.

representation on university committees

In addition, every year there are vacancies on standing senate committees, award committees, and ad hoc committees dealing with issues of concern to graduate students and the university in general.

Representatives to faculty or campus wide committees are elected by the Graduate Students’ Society.

representation within the Faculty of Graduate Studies

The GSS works closely with the Dean of Graduate Studies. The GSS Chair sits on the Faculty of Graduate Studies Committee and the Faculty of Graduate Studies Executive Committee. These bodies discuss key program and policy developments as they relate to graduate sudents. Agends and minutes for these meetings are found here.

Hiring committees for faculty, chairs and deans

Hiring of senior administration and faculty at UVIC provides many opportunities for student involvement. Seats on hiring committees usually include graduate students, and candidates for senior positions are invited to give public talks as part of the hirnig process. Students are encouraged to attend these talks and provide feedback to hiring committees.

How to get involved in university committees

If you are interested in serving on faculty or campus committees, sign up for the GSS email bulletin, where committee calls are posted regularly.