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Nov 17, 2017 @ 9:01am

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Communications Committee meeting

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Communications Committee meeting

Location: Grad Centre, Room 108

Date and Time: November 12th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

This committee is open to all UVIC Graduage students

General Summary: the Communications Committee will be responsible for producing and reviewing all GSS communications to its members. This includes physical media, such as the GSS Handbook, online communications, such as the GSS Weekly Bulletin, as well as maintaining a GSS social media presence. The committee will develop advertising strategies related to the annual plan as well as promote GSS events and GSS elections.

Committee Chair: Amanda McLaughlin, Director of Communications, gssdcomm[at]

Committee members elected from Grad Council

Andrew Agbay
Drew Koehn
Guprit Randhawa
Kierstyn Butler
Zoe Vollert

This year, the goals of the committee are:

-Oversee the production of the yearly GSS Handbook (for the coming year);

-Oversee production of the weekly GSS Bulletin;

-Maintain GSS social media platforms;

-Develop and maintain a budget for all committee operations;

-Develop an Advertising strategy for GSS events for recommendation to the Executive Board;

-Develop a communications strategy relevant to the Annual Plan; and

-Carry out all other duties as directed by the Executive Board and GRC.

Meeting schedule:

Fall term: Thurs. 5-7 pm, in GSS Room 108 on Oct 29, Nov 12, & Nov 26.

Spring term: weekly ½ hr meetings TBA