University of Victoria Grad Student Society

Start gearing up for our final event of 2017! Our gingerbread house and movie night, December 20!
Dec 15, 2017 @ 8:01am

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Help & Advocacy

How can the GSS help?

The GSS is here for graduate students! We provide peer support, referrals, and advice from people who have “been there”. We also meet with the President and Senior Administration regularly and raise concerns on behalf of our members.

GSS staff know what it is like!

Most GSS office staff are graduate students, too. We are familiar with UVIC rules and regulations that affect graduate students, and can provide referrals, advice, confidentiality and support.

Want something fixed at UVIC?

Graduate students (and groups of graduate students) are encouraged to bring their concerns to the attention of the Director of Student Affairs. She or he can bring the issue (anonymously) to the Executive Board. The Board can then bring proposals to change a policy or practice to the President, the Dean of Graduate Studies, or any other relevant UVIC Senior Administrator.

The GSS has been successful in changing some policies for all students on the strength of the information brought to us by one or two members.

You can also volunteer to serve as a graduate student representative on UVIC committees.

Need someone in your corner?

Sometimes the Director of Student Affairs attends a difficult meeting with a student (such as an appeal hearing) when students do not wish to go alone. UVIC policy provides that students have the right to have a friend or ally attend disciplinary or appeal meetings along with them.

Don’t forget the “Ombuddy”

The Ombudspersons office was founded by students to provide support to students and advocate for fairness at UVIC. The Ombudsperson is a well respected neutral party at the university, and can provide advice on UVIC policy, best next steps to address a problem, and coaching to prepare for a difficult conversation. Find her in the Student Union Building B205 (upstairs).

Supervisory Relationships

A graduate student’s relationship with their supervisor is very important to a good experience in graduate school. Make sure you read the Supervisory Relationship Document and other materials provided on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. 

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