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Bus Pass

(U-Pass) Universal Bus Pass

All graduate students registered in on-campus courses are automatically assessed U-Pass fees with their tuition.  Those registered in co-op or distance courses wishing to opt-in may do so in the GSS office.  (See "Opting In" below).

The Universal Bus Pass is valid on all transit routes in Greater Victoria and can be used anytime during the semester. Information on U-Pass fee (and other ancillary fees) can be found in the graduate calendar.

U-Pass provides our members with:

Participation in U-Pass has aided students in successfully lobbying for:

Starting January 2014 cards must be validated each term (September, January, May) at the self-serve kiosks located outside the Info Booth in the SUB or in the University Centre foyer.  Distance students and those on co-op must opt-in at the GSS Office before validating their cards.   Contact the GSS for more information. (See "Opting In" below).

Opting In

If you are on a co-op work term, an off-campus student or visiting graduate student on special arrangement, you may opt into the U-Pass before September 30, January 31, and May 31 for each respective semester. Opting in is handled at the GSS office. You will need to provide proof of your registration status (which can be printed from your MyPage for coop or distance students, or a letter from your supervisor for special arrangement students). Opt-ins must pay both the U-Pass fee and the Athletics and Recreation fee, and in all cases the GSS fee.


In person (with your forms)

• Cash

• Debit

• Cheque. *payable to "UVIC Graduate Students' Society"

By Mail

• By cheque (with your completed opt-in form)


Interac e-transfer  -- send completed forms to gsoc [at]; subject: "e-transfer" to recieve detailed instructions.

 Opt-in rate chart.png

Please contact the GSS Health Plan coordinator at gsoc [at] for details and exact pricing for your situation.


Students who are eligible to opt-out

Students with disabilities are exempt from the U-Pass if they can demonstrate their necessity to commute to/from UVic by automobile or means other than BC Transit fixed routes or handyDART services. These students opt out by registering through the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability, who then provide the GSS with an opt out list each term.

Students in receipt of the annual “BC Bus Pass” issued by the BC Ministry of Finance under social assistance programs are also exempt from the U-Pass. These students opt out through the GSS office.

Students who have been assessed more than once for the U-Pass–for example, those enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate courses. These students opt out through the GSS office.

Students living or working outside the Greater Victoria transit service area. Proof of residence must be provided, including a utility bill, lease, or letter from landlord or employer. These students opt out through the GSS office.

Opt outs must be submitted each term.

Deadline for the opt out is the last day of the first month of each term. (i.e. September 30 for Fall term, January 31 for Spring term, May 30 for the Summer term).

Distance Programs:

Students who are assessed a U-Pas fee by virtue of being enrolled in a distance program with an intensive on-campus class that lasts less than 17 working days are eligible to opt out of the bus pass (with proof from department or course registration).