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Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:00am

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Special General Meeting: Building renovation

General Meeting banner







Notice of Special General Meeting

Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Time: 4 pm

Location:Grad House restaurant

Who may vote: All currently registered UVIC Graduate Students

Students who are not in Victoria can arrange to attend the meeting by teleconference by contacting

GSS bylaws prevent proxy voting. Only members who attend the meeting – in person or via teleconference - are able to vote.







Special General Meeting Agenda


1. Approval of agenda

2. Motion to approve spending of society funds and borrowing for renovation:


WHEREAS at the March 25, 2014 Semi-Annual General Meeting, the members of the GSS directed the Executive Board to proceed with an architect consultation on a proposal to upgrade the restaurant to create a coffee shop and upgrade the building doors; and


WHEREAS the GSS has received and estimate that this renovation will cost $664,000; and


Whereas the GSS would need to spend a significant amount of its building reserve and borrow or raise funds in order to proceed; therefore


RESOLVED the members authorise the GSS Executive Board to proceed with renovations as proposed in the plan commissioned from Cascadia Architects; and


Further RESOLVED the Executive Board is authorized to borrow or raise funds, or spend Capital and Building Funds towards this purpose in accordance with GSS Bylaw 14.5.

3. Adjournment




Architect drawings

The renovation proposal and costing was developed by Cascadia Architects. The drawings for the full proposal are here.






Background: How did we get here?

At the March 25, 2014 Semi-Annual General Meeting, the members directed the Executive Board to engage an architect for a consultation on a renovation to the restaurant and entrances. The GSS has now received a proposed design, and a cost estimate for several versions of the project, with the most expensive costing $664,000.

If approved, a renovation of the Halpern Centre could proceed in Summer 2015.

The proposal includes changes to the Grad House entrance, bar service area, and the creation of a café. Proposal also includes changes to the bathroom entrances in the foyer. The members will have the option to consider variations on the full renovation at a lower cost.

If approved, financing options could include one or a combination of the following:

- spending funds from the GSS Capital Fund and Building Fund

- borrowing funds **


** A motion to permit the Executive Board to borrow funds requires special resolution (75% members present in favour).



Alternative propsoals (provided by UVIC)


The cost of the complete proposal as currently designed is estimated at $664,000. The GSS asked UVIC to provide alternative, scaled back proposals, that would cost less but provide the original goals of a bar service area that includes fancy coffees, improved fire doors, and an upgraded coffee area in the David Clode room.


ALTERNATE 1:  Do not renovate entrance to restaurant or bathrooms; keep all current furniture: $454,000

ALTERNATE 2: Scale back on some finishes (i.e. laminate instead of quartz for counter tops) and keep current furniture: $554,000

ALTERNATE 3: Scale back on the new lighting and keep current furnishing: $527,000

ALTERNATE 4: Keep the existing flooring and furnishing: $541,000

ALTERNATE 5: Combine all of the above: Do not renovate entrance to restaurant or bathrooms, do not buy new furniture, scale back on upgrades to light fixtures, do not change flooring: $351,723