2021 Climate Solutions Challenge

Announcing the 2021 Climate Solutions Challenge at UVic

Do you have innovative climate solution ideas that could drive meaningful change on and off campus? Are you interested in developing these ideas with experts and the opportunity to win cash prizes and pitch to UVic leadership?

If so, we want to hear from you!

The 2021 Climate Solutions Challenge is a campus-wide contest for actionable climate ideas by and for the UVic community and beyond.  Taking place between March and May 2021, the purpose of the challenge is to inspire dialogue and build concrete climate action plans that will change our community for the better.

The Challenge will begin with an opportunity to participate in our virtual ‘mentorshop’ on March 22 (other dates may be added) and will end with an opportunity for shortlisted submissions to pitch their idea directly to UVic leadership and win up to $1250!

In 2021, the challenge will invite submissions in two key categories:

  1. Looking Past COVID to Climate

In this category we ask: How do we turn the lessons from the current crisis into an opportunity for climate? How can we use this chance to re-evaluate the attitudes, practices and policies that have been holding us back from progress on climate change?

  1. Measuring and Managing for Climate

Sometimes, making a climate-unfriendly choice seems easier, or is perceived as costing less.  Yet when the real costs of climate are accounted for, these choices often come up less rosy.  How can we help UVic “manage what they measure” on climate? What tools could be applied or are being used elsewhere?

Following the feedback from the mentorshop the deadline for final proposals (short video, written or poster) will be May 3rd.  Check out our website for more details and sign up here before March 12 for an invite to the March information session and ‘mentorshop’.

The Challenge is a Climate Solutions Navigator-led Accelerated Action in support of the University of Victoria Climate Action and Sustainability Planning process. All ideas and their proponents will be shared with this group and highlighted online.