Uvic Committees

In addition to the internal GSS committees, there are some great opportunities to get involved in the wider decisions made across campus by joining a UVic committee as the Graduate representative. These are excellent ways of enhancing your portfolio, and adding your voice to the wider conversation on how the university is run and how decisions affect graduate students.

Board Of Governors

The UVIC Board of Governors is responsible for the operational management (incuding property, finances, new buildings, administration and the strategic plan) of the university. The Board of Governors is regulated by BC’s University Act.

UVIC students elect two members of the Board of Governors every spring. The students are elected by the entire student population (both graduates and undergraduates).

Board of Governors elections are managed by the University Secretary’s Office. Information on the Board of Governors, including upcoming agendas, committee terms of reference and an archive of meeting minutes, can be found here: http://www.uvic.ca/universitysecretary/governors/


UVic Senate

The Senate governs academic matters at the University of Victoria (while the Board of Governors oversees operational management of UVIC). The Senate is regulated by BC’s University Act.

The Senate website is here: http://www.uvic.ca/universitysecretary/senate/

Nomination information can be found here.

16 students are elected to senate. Effective 2010, three of these seats are reserved for graduate students**

In addition, there are several senate committees with seats for graduate students, including:

Academic Standards, Libraries, Appeals, Awards, Continuing Studies, Learning & Teaching and Planning.

Elections of students to senate take place annually each Spring, while committee seats are filled by the GSS Executive Board in the Summer.

(Until November 2009, only one seat was reserved for graduate students. The increase in graduate student seats is a result of a GSS campaign to increase graduate representation at UVIC. To learn more about GSS campaigns, see the Events & Campaigns and About sections of this website).