Modo Car Sharing Co-op

The GSS holds a group membership in Modo, which provides an affordable means to enjoy the co-op for UVIC graduate students.

What does this mean for you?

Modo provides members with access to a fleet of vehicles on an as-needed basis, and bills members monthly based on their usage. Typically “member-owners” purchase a $500 share in the co-op, which is refunded when relinquishing your membership.  Those who join through the GSS do not need to purchase a share in the co-op, but rather pay a one-time non-refundable fee of $25, which provides access at the same rates as “member-owners”. Unlike the $500 share purchase, however, the $25 is non-refundable, but provides you with access for as long as you are registered as a graduate student and are still needing/using the service.

The price list for members is available here. Students who join through the GSS get the lower “Modo Plus” rates, rather than the higher rates paid by “monthly members”.

There are several Modos parked on or close to the UVic campus. Many other vehicles are located in neighbourhoods around Victoria. Driving rates for different vehicles are available at

More introduction information can be found on Modo’s website and in their Carsharing Handbook.

Space is limited, so students may be waitlisted. Students who are waitlisted may want to consider purchasing a private membership to modo while on the waitlist. GSS car co-op membership lasts for the duration of your studies. 

For more information, or to join the GSS Carshare Program, please contact the GSS Office Coordinator.

The Modo Application Form can be found here.