The GSS Department Grant is now available to help develop academic unit associations or for academic or social events organized by and for graduate students.

As with most things this year, the 2020-21 GSS Department Grant has needed significant changes due to the pandemic. Thank you to all our members for your patience as we worked out the best ways to move GSS funding for graduate students forward so we can still promote connection with your academic unit colleagues and peers at a time when “connection” is more difficult. Applications for the 2020-21 Department Grants are now open! Grants are available from now to March, and funds need to be spent before March 31, 2021. Please see the Departments Grant page for more details on how to apply.


The biggest change we made to our Department Grant was to create a second stream of funding to promote the development of academic unit student associations. These student associations provide democratic representation for students within their units and increase bargaining power with the unit. For example, do you want graduate students to have more of a say in your unit’s orientation events, student handbook, or program evaluation? A student association can advocate for that. We hope that by providing funding for the creation and development of more graduate student unit associations, the GSS can promote graduate student representation on campus. We want to help lay the groundwork for a better connected 2021-22 academic year for graduate students in your academic unit.


Academic and social events are still supported by the GSS Department Grants as well. Of course, in-person events are not permitted until Public Health Orders allow, but online programs and events are strongly encouraged. For the full details of how to access these funds, see our website or the application forms. If you have any questions, please email us at