GSS fees

GSS fees

By enrolling in graduate studies at UVIC, each graduate student becomes a member of the UVIC Graduate Students’ Society (GSS). Along with their tuition each term, graduate students are charged a GSS membership fee, which is comprised of several components. 

Each component of the GSS fee is set by a member referendum. In accordance with the that referendum, the fee assessed may be different for co-op or distance students. 


Breakdown of GSS Membership Fee:

GSS 2018-19 fees by registration statusRegular (on campus)Co-opDistance
Capital Fee*$9.65$4.82$9.65
Childcare fee$1.02$0.51$1.02
Anti-Violence Project$1.00$0.50$1.00
Constituency Groups$1.00$0.50$1.00
WUSC (Student Refugee Program)$3.00$1.50$3.00
Campus food bank*$1.04  
University 101*$0.52  
Conference Travel fee*$4.42$2.21$4.42
Distance travel fee*$1.04$0.52$1.04

Other GSS fees

Bus pass

Students who are registered in at least one on-campus course will be assessed the GSS Bus pass fee (“U-pass”). More info on the bus pass.

Health and dental plan

Students are automatically enrolled in and assessed fees for the GSS Extended Health and Dental Plan if they are registered in 3.0 on-campus units or on co-op. These fees are assessed once per academic year. More info on the Extended Health and Dental plan fees.