Name: David Foster

Pronouns: He/him

Academic Unit: Public Administration

Degree and year of study: Master of Public Administration, 3rd year

A bit about him: I am a Masters student in Public Administration with a long-standing interest in university governance, disability advocacy and public policy. I received my BA in History from UVic and a law degree from the University of Alberta. I have worked in policy and legislation at the BC Ministry of Health and completed co-op work terms at the BC Ombudsperson’s Office and the Representative for Children and Youth. My prior involvement in the UVic community includes four terms as a student senator; one year as an elected director of the UVic Students’ Society; participation in numerous university committees; three years as treasurer of The History Undergraduate Society; and serving as a new student orientation leader and member of the 2014 Grad Class executive. In 2019/20, I served as a GSS councilor on the Graduate Representative Council, and am looking forward to contributing further to the GSS as Chair. I have also been elected to the UVic Board of Governors and Senate for 2021/22.

Director of Communications/Vice Chair

Name: Nicole Kent

Pronouns: she/her

Academic Unit: Department of Education

Degree and year of study: PhD Education

A bit about her: Nicole is an international student form Trinidad and Tobago. She is the current Director of Communications on the GSS Executive. She is an effective communicator and enjoys serving on the GSS, and other sub-committees. Overall, she hopes that through her efforts that graduate students at the university, can have a more remarkable experience, among other things!

Director of Student Affairs

Name: Nahid Pourdolat Safari

Pronouns: She/Her

Academic Unit: Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Degree and year of study: First year, PhD

A bit about her:
I have started my job as a lecturer in Education since 2007. Simultaneously, I have been an educational advisor for more than a decade and have worked in several higher education institutes and with thousands of students and hundreds of professors, lecturers and teachers. I have received several awards for excellence in teaching, conducting events, workshops and support system including free lawyers and consultants for my endangered students. I have also worked voluntarily in two non-profit organizations working with misbehaved children and endangered women as an educational expert.

Director of Services

Name: Adair Ng

Pronouns: She/Her

Academic Unit: Curriculum and Instruction

Degree and year of study: Master of Arts (1st year)

A bit about her: Prior to stepping into the role of Director of Services, I served on the Events Committee as a GRC Rep. I’m excited to collaborate with my peers and groups on campus to meet the needs of UVic’s grad student population!​

Director of Finance

Name: Ryan Khan

Pronouns: He/him

Academic Unit: Gustavson School of Business

Degree and year of study: Master of Business Administration, 2nd year

A bit about him: I am a Masters student in Business Administration with a strong interest in fiscal responsibility and project management, and am strengthening my skills in accounting, finance and governance. I received by HBSc in Political Science and Public Policy from the University of Toronto and a Masters in Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics & Political Science. Over the past few years, I’ve held numerous roles across the BC Public Service at the Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General and the Ministry of Health. After arriving in Victoria in May 2014, with not many places to go, I stayed at the UVic campus for approximately two weeks and fell in love with the campus, I also attended a few Spanish courses on campus, prior to eventually enrolling into this program. With our school’s guiding mantra towards sustainable innovation, I certainly look forward to working with all graduate students to facilitate an environment that we can all be proud of.