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Nov 18, 2017 @ 9:01am

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Room Bookings

The Grad Centre (a.k.a. Halpern Centre) has two boardrooms (rooms 108 and 112) available for graduate student activities. On some occasions the Grad House and David Clode room are also made available for graduate students by special arrangement.

There is no charge for Graduate Students’ Society members to book the board rooms when the event is organized by graduate students and  primarily related to graduate students. Room rental charges may apply for restaurant use, depending on the event.

Please note that personal events (weddings, parties, etc) and business activities of graduate students (tutoring, offering workshops for a fee) do not qualify for free bookings, even for grad students.

UVic staff and departments, undergrads, and professors are charged a university rate and the outside community is charged the regular rate (see below for rate chart). Courses offered to graduate students by the university do not qualify for free bookings.

What rooms are available?

Room 108 is the larger of the two boardrooms, offering a white board, and a screen and overhead projector. Teleconferencing service is now available by prearrangement (equipment must be booked through UVic’s Audio Visual services. You must bring a phone card if long distance is required). Phone cards can be purchased at SUBtext in the Student Union Building. The room can accommodate 15-20 people depending on the room set-up.

Room 112 is the smaller of the two boardrooms, offering a white board and a screen with overhead projector. This room is used mostly for smaller meetings and functions. The room can accommodate 10-15 people depending on the room set-up.

Rooms 108 and 112 can be combined! Our two meeting rooms are separated by a dividing wall. Both rooms can be booked at the same time allowing you to have a larger room. The combined room can accommodate approximately 20-25 people seated at a table, 24 people in classroom style and up to 40 people theatre style.

Note: Catering is available for rooms 108 and 112 (though generally not at lunchtime), but only the Grad House is licensed for alcohol.

The David Clode Room (Room 109) is the small side of the Grad House restaurant, featuring comfy couches, a fireplace and a private patio. This room is open from 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday and serves as a quiet space where graduate students can relax, study, play board games and eat their lunch. On Thursdays and Fridays, the restaurant is most often at full capacity and takes over the David Clode room offering table service.

Grad students may book the David Clode Room on a limited basis for department socials and grad student events; however we generally like to keep this room available for graduate students as frequently as possible.

The Grad House Restaurant (Room 114) has space for approximately 100 people, plus offers an outdoor patio, and may be booked/rented for receptions, parties, presentations and workshops on a limited basis for mornings, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, as well as for weekend events during the September-April period. Restaurant bookings are subject to catering minimums (see below, and also see the Grad House section of this website).

Rules and Regulations

Catering and alcohol

The Grad House provides all catering for bookings in the Grad Centre. Outside catering is not permitted and alcohol is NOT allowed in the board rooms under any circumstances. Please note that you can set up the room according to your needs as long as you return it to its original format afterwards. There is a room set-up map posted in each room and failing to return the room to its original format may result in resetting fees.

Due to BC Liquor License restrictions, any alcohol on the Grad Centre premises must be served by a grad house staff member and can only be consumed in the restaurant. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a total loss of booking privileges. Alcohol cannot be consumed in the board rooms, hallways, or foyer.

Making a booking or catering order

Please send your request for room bookings to gsscomm[at] and you may also call (250) 472-4543. You will need to the date, time, room name, number of people, billing address and any catering requirements. Full information on catering is available in the Grad House section of this website.

Why can’t a UVic department or undergraduate student use the GSS rooms for free?

Graduate students can book the meeting rooms at the Grad Centre for free for events that are organized both by and for graduate students.

This policy does not extend to events, classes or information sessions organized by the university, university staff, faculty, and departments even when those events are organized for a graduate student audience.

The reason for this policy is simply that the Grad Centre is funded by graduate students and the building is intended as a space to support graduate student initiatives. Graduate students pay for all the capital and operational expenses in the building–including our renovations to the Grad House restaurant and replacement of furnishings. Graduate students pay all the GSS staff wages, and pay for the janitorial and maintenance costs of the building.

We welcome external users to our centre, and are happy to offer the space at an inexpensive internal rate, but we ask for understanding in regards to our internal rates policy.

Room Booking Fees

University Rate (internal)
 Room  Hourly rate  Daily rate
 108  $15  $80
 112  $15  $80
 108 & 112  $20  $100
Regular Rate (external)
 Room  Hourly rate  Daily rate
 108  $25  $100
 112  $25 $100 
 108 & 112  $40  $150

Grad House Restaurant

(minimum catering orders apply, please contact us for details)
David Clode Room