Childcare Bursary

When the GSS was founded, the first campaign the society undertook was to establish a campus childcare centre. Subsequently, funds were raised for an endowment to support a childcare bursary for graduate students.

GSS Childcare Bursary

The GSS created a childcare bursary to help students with children cover their childcare costs. The needs-based bursary can be used to pay for childcare through private or non-profit childcare, babysitting, or the UVIC Childcare Centre. Please apply through the Student Awards and Financial Aid office. The deadline to apply is October 15.

Supporting the UVIC Childcare Centre

The UVIC Childcare Centre was jointly founded by the university and the student societies. $1.02 of your GSS fees are allocated to the UVIC Childcare Centre, which designates a portion of spaces for student parents.

The GSS elects a graduate student representative to the Childcare Advisory Board every year.