GSS Room Bookings

The Grad Centre (a.k.a. Halpern Centre) has two boardrooms available for grad student activities. There is no charge for GSS members to book the board rooms when the event is organized by grad students for academic/professional purposes.

Room 112

Room 112 is the smaller of the two boardrooms. This room is used mostly for smaller meetings and functions and it offers a white board. The room can accommodate 10-12 people around a table. 

Room 108

Room 108 is the larger of the two boardrooms. It can seat 16 people around the meeting table, and more with additional seating along the wall. The capacity limit is 40. The room has a white board and screen for use with a projector.

Room 108 and 112 Combined

Rooms 108 and 112 are divided by a retractable wall and can be combined. Combined, the rooms can accommodate approximately 20-25 people seated at a table, and additional people in seating around along the wall. The room has white boards and projections screens for use with a projector

Rules and Regulations
(see Room Booking Policy for complete list)

Room Configuration

Please note that you can set up either Room 108, 112, or the combined rooms according to your needs as long as you return it to its original format afterwards.

There is a room set-up map posted in each room and failing to return the room to its original format may result in resetting fees.

Catering and alcohol

Due to BC Liquor License restrictions, any alcohol on the Grad Centre premises must be served by a Grad House staff members and can only be consumed in the restaurant area. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a total loss of booking privileges. Alcohol cannot be consumed in the board rooms, hallways, or foyer.

Making a booking or catering order

If you would like to hold a catered event in one of our boardrooms, please coordinate your catering order through In your email, please specify the date, time, and approximate numbers for your event. We require at least two weeks notice for all catered events (although we always appreciate more!). 

Please note that you should also still book the room through, so that we can ensure that our space is able to accommodate you.