Once again, for the third year, the GSS has written the UVic BOG to object to differential tuition for international students. These letters document the history of GSS objection to differential tuition and situate the position of the current Executive Board within this tradition. Letters: GSS letters to BOG

Hello! The GSS would like to inform you that Side Project Coffee is closing from July and August while roof repairs are made to the building. Don’t worry, though! You can get your fancy coffee drinks made the same as before at the Grad House Restaurant, open Monday-Friday 11:30 am to 10:00 pm. Please note […]

The GSS celebrated the completion of our renovation with a ribbon cutting on February 14. Executive Board and Grad Council reps past and present were there, along with representatives from Cascadia Architects, contractors, and the UVIC team who helped us navigate this major project. We were lucky to have May Sam give a welcome and […]