The University of Victoria Graduate Students’ Society condemns the Russian government for its attack on Ukraine and stands with the people of Ukraine during this tragic and difficult time. We recognize that this conflict affects UVic students, some of whom are Ukrainian citizens or have family, partners or friends in Ukraine. The GSS supports the financial and economic sanctions against the Russian government by the Government of Canada and other countries.

For those experiencing anxiety, distress or other mental health challenges due to the ongoing conflict, we suggest the following resources:


For those sharing information about the conflict in Ukraine, we recommend the following:

  • Do not share images of bodies or people in grave distress without the consent of the person depicted or their family. Consider carefully before linking to sources with such images as they can be traumatic for both viewer and the people depicted. (This is especially true for our membership where there are sizeable communities from countries that have experienced recent wars or dictatorships.)
  • Verify your information with multiple, non-partisan sources before sharing.
  • Consider that it is better not to share something than to share a piece of information that later is proved false.


For those wishing to support the Ukrainian people, we encourage the following:


The UVic Graduate Students’ Society Board of Directors

This statement is also available as a PDF.