Family (Dependent) Opt-in

Family members of Graduate Students are not automatically included in the GSS Health and Dental Plan. Graduate Students’ dependents can be opted into the GSS Health and Dental plan within 30 days of the Graduate Student being assessed for the Health and Dental plan. The cost for opting your family unit into the GSS Health and/or Dental plan can be found in the fees section.

All insurance coverage follows academic years from September – August; all insurance coverage will expire on August 31. Opt-ins must be renewed annually by submitting a new Opt-In form at the start of every academic year in September.

Health and Dental Opt-in forms are available on our website.

If you have questions, our Health and Dental Coordinator can be reached at

Who is eligible?

Graduate students with dependents who reside in Canada may opt into the plan if they are:

  • The spouse or common-law partner (To be considered common-law partners, you and your partner must cohabitate for at least one year. One spouse per plan.)
  • A financially dependent child* under 21 years of age
  • A child* that is under the age of 25 year AND is also in full-time attendance at a recognized educational institute


*Note: A child refers to a person born, stepchild, legally adopted child, or legal ward, but is not a foster child that is financially dependent.

Insurance fees are determined by referendum of all voting members of the GSS.

September 2022 Family Opt-in Fees

Family Opt-In Rate (coverage effective from September 2022 – August 2023)

Extended Health Only


Dental Only




The deadline for the September – December term opt-in is September 22nd.

January 2022 Family Opt-in Fees

Note: Only Graduate Student’s starting in the January-April term are eligible to opt dependents in to GSS Health and Dental plan during January opt in period. September start students must opt their dependants in during the September opt in period.

Family Student Opt-In Rate (coverage effective from January 2022 – August 2022)

Extended Health Only


Dental Only




The deadline for the January-April term opt-in is January 31st

Health and Dental Opt-out forms are available here.

Our Health and Dental Coordinator can be reached at

Graduate students can also submit a completed family opt-in form if they have an eligible change of life situation. Families must be opted in within 30 days of the change. Dated documentation is required. Eligible change of life situations are:

  • Marriage or recently reached one (1) year of co-habitation with another person in a common-law partnership
  • New birth, adoption, or granted legal guardianship of a child* (but is not a foster child)
  • Arrival of dependent(s) in Canada joining the graduate student
  • Recently arrived in Canada and obtained primary insurance coverage through Mandatory Medical Insurance (also known as or BC MSP (or equivalent Canadian provincial/territorial coverage). Note: switching from Mandatory Medical Insurance to BC MSP is not considered a change in insurance situation.
  • Loss of previous employment extended health and/or dental insurance coverage

Please contact the GSS Health and Dental Coordinator for mid-year opt-in rates.

On the GSS OPT IN form:

  • If you have previously opted out or are adding a new person, it is a mid-year change.
  • Date of mid-year change is the date you are submitting
  • Effective date of coverage is based on the month you are starting coverage
  • You must confirm “Yes” AND initial that you have a Canadian provincial/territorial health plan or for you and/or your family
  • You must sign the form

Forms that are filled out incorrectly or missing information will be returned for corrections.

Send the completed form to the Glenda Beecham, the GSS Health & Dental plan coordinator at