How to use the plan

How to Use the Extended Health and Dental Plan

After the blackout is over your insurance ID card for direct billing will be available online by registering and creating your personal Pacific Blue Cross account.

The GSS e-bulletin will let you know once the digital cards are available online.
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If this is your first year on the GSS Health and Dental plan, you can pick up your insurance card at the GSS Office. Please note that we generally do not receive our insurance cards until mid-late October. You can also download a copy of your insurance card by creating a personal account with Pacific Blue Cross.

You don’t need a physical card, you can give the following information for your eligible service provider:

  • Our insurance company is Pacific Blue Cross
  • Our group policy number is 43222
  • Your personal ID number is the last seven digits of your UVic student number

Provide these details to your service provider before your appointment/service begins. If your service provider is set up to directly bill Pacific Blue Cross for their services, you will only need to pay the portion of the cost not covered by insurance at the end of your appointment.

If your service provider does not offer direct billing to the insurance company, or if you live out-of-province, you will have to pay the bill and submit the claim either online or by mail. Service providers are responsible for their own billing. The GSS does not control whether direct billing is available at your service provider.

Coverage dates vs. coverage limits: PLEASE NOTE: Although insurance coverage runs from September 1 to August 31, most benefit limits follow the calendar year (January 1 – December 31). In other words, some benefits amounts reset on December 31 of each year (with the exception of vision care, parts of dental, and eye exams). Please check the insurance coverage booklet for information on individual benefit resets dates.

Creating an online account with Pacific Blue Cross will allow you to:

  • Access and download your insurance card
  • Submit online claims
  • See your claims history
  • Monitor that amount of your remaining benefits
  • See full details of coverage under the plan


To register and create your account online, please go to the Pacific Blue Cross member login.

If you have created an account before you will need to click on “I want to register for access to my member profile.”

Or, use the GSS policy number and your member ID to register for an account.

Paramedical practitioners each have a $10 per person per visit copayment. Copayments are the responsibility of the plan holder (you) to pay.

Registered massage therapy, Physiotherapy, Athletic therapy, Chiropractor (including x-rays), Naturopath, Podiatrist, Acupuncture, Speech therapy, and chiropodist each have an annual per calendar maximum coverage of $250 per person.

Registered psychologist/Registered Clinical Counsellor (combined) has an annual maximum of $500 per person per calendar year.

Paramedical services require a doctor’s note with a diagnosis (see the complete list in the coverage booklet on our forms page).  All doctor notes must available submitted to Pacific Blue Cross. Notes are valid for 24 months (unless otherwise dated by your physician).

To search for an extended health practitioners that offer direct billing to the insurance company in British Columbia, start by selecting the health provider service, and type in your city.  It will provide you with a list of clinics/offices that offer direct billing with the insurance company. 


Create your online insurance account.  On the main page after logging in, click on the View Details button on “Drug”.  Search for specific drugs by typing in the drug name or DIN, drug identification number, to see if it is covered (some restrictions may apply).

Prescription drugs are covered at 70% for eligible prescription drugs including contraceptives, life sustaining vitamins, anti-obesity drugs, and certain vaccines.  Pharmacare drugs are subject to the low cost alternative and reference drugs program in British Columbia.  Non pharmacare drugs will be subject to a low cost alternative pricing with a 15% mark-up cap.  All drugs under the GSS Extended Health Plan are subject to a $10 dispensing fee cap. 

Some prescription drugs may be covered by a government agency or requires special authority with special considerations and set maximums by the provincial government.  Please speak to your prescribing practitioner who may apply on your behalf to a government agency. 

If coverage is denied or not provided for your condition, you may need to provide a letter from your physician to indicate your medical condition.  The Health and Dental Coordinator can submit your case for further review for eligibility under the GSS Extended Health Plan.  You can contact the Health and Dental Coordinator at  Include your student number and any relevant documentation.

To search for comparable drug prices, see the FAQ.

The GSS Dental Plan covers basic dental services coverage at 70% to a calendar year maximum of $750.  For more details, download the 2020-2021 Benefit Booklet found on the GSS Health & Dental Forms page, or log onto your online insurance account.   

To find out how to submit a dental claim, see our FAQ.