Out of Province Students

I moved here from another province and am on my home province medical

Students studying out of province can maintain their home province medical plan for the duration of their studies. Students are usually required to contact their provincial medical plan office and notify them of their plan to study out of province (Some provinces will need some documents).  Not all coverage is the same between provinces, and some services are not provided.

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Coverage on most out of province medical plan is subject to a reciprocal billing agreement between provinces. The Reciprocal Billing Agreement allows students to use their home province medical card at the doctor or hospital out of province. Quebec is not a signatory to the reciprocal billing agreement.

Some coverage provided at home may not be provided outside the province and the student will have to pay up front. In some cases these services can be reimbursed by the home province. Information on coverage under reciprocal billing is difficult to find. Students are advised to ask their home province health isurance program if they have concerns. the Canadian Institute for Health Information provides the following summary of excluded coverage as of 2007:


Services Excluded Under the Interprovincial
Reciprocal Billing Agreement
Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information, Reciprocal Billing Report, Canada, 2004–2005, Revised August 2007
(Ottawa: CIHI, 2007). Retreived October 12, 2011 from: http://secure.cihi.ca/cihiweb/products/RB_report_2007_e.pdf

• Surgery for alteration of appearance (cosmetic surgery).
• Sex-reassignment surgery.
• Surgery for reversal of sterilization, contraception and sterilization procedures.
• Therapeutic abortions.
• Routine periodic health examinations.
• In-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination.
• Acupuncture, acupressure, transcutaneous electro-nerve stimulation (TENS),
moxibustion, biofeedback, hypnotherapy.
• Services to persons covered by other agencies: RCMP, Armed Forces, Workers’
Compensation Board, Department of Veterans Affairs, Correctional Services of Canada
(Federal penitentiaries).
• Services requested by a third party.
• Routine circumcision of newborn.
• Psychoanalysis.
• Psychiatric or physiatric team conferences when patient is not present.
• Polysomnograms.
• Procedures still in the experimental/developmental phase.
• Genetic screening and other genetic investigations, including DNA probes.
• Anaesthetic services and surgical assistant services associated with all of the foregoing.


• “Surgery for reversal of sterilization, contraception and sterilization procedures” was
changed to “Surgery for reversal of sterilization”.
• “Routine periodic health examinations” was revised to “Routine periodic health
examinations including routine eye examinations”.
• “Routine circumcision of newborn” was removed.
• “Psychoanalysis” was removed.
• “Psychiatric or physiatric team conference when patient is not present” was changed
to “Team conference(s)”.
• “Polysomnograms” was removed.



• Lithotripsy for gall bladder stones.
• The treatment of port-wine stains on other than the face or neck, regardless
of the modality of treatment.”