The GSS Extended Health Plan includes 60 days of out of country emergency medical coverage.

If you are travelling for the purpose of study and for more than 60 days, please contact the Health and Dental Plan Coordinator at gsoc[at] well in advance of travel to arrange to extend the limit of the out of country emergency medical coverage.

You will need to have active Canadian provincial coverage, BC MSP or equivalent, while you travel. For international students, MSP will only cover out of BC for a maximum 6 months. Students who are out of BC for more than six months will need to explore options for private insurance coverage, such as AON.

If you are travelling for pleasure (or non-school related travel) beyond 60 days, the GSS has negotiated a 20% discount on Blue Cross travel insurance packages for our members.

While travelling make sure to carry with you your insurance card and a Medi-Assist brochure with the phone number(s) to call in case of an illness or emergency.