GSS Elections

Run to serve on your Graduate Students' Society's Executive Board!

Elections for the Graduate Students’ Society Executive Board and a referendum on Food and Beverage Services at the GSS will be held March 9-11, 2022.

Voting Eligibility: Voters and nominees to the board must be currently registered graduate students and registered in the 2022-01 academic term.

When/Where: 9 am PST March 9 to 4 pm PST March 11 (Log in with your Netlink ID)

For information on the upcoming Food and Beverage Service referendum, please see

Electoral Officer Update

Hello GSS Members and colleagues,

I am writing to provide an update on the 2022-23 GSS Executive Board Elections. Please note that the nomination period closed Tuesday, February 22 at 4:00pm and all nomination have now been verified. We have received the following candidates:

Director of Communications – Nicole Kent

Director of Finance – Robert Bickley

Director of Student Affairs – Nahid Pourdolat Safari

Director of Services – Wyatt Maddox

Thank you to all our candidates for their interest in the Board and their continued leadership and volunteerism for all graduate students at UVic!

As you will see above, the GSS has no contested elections this term. Therefore, in compliance with Bylaw 4.11 (below), we will be ratifying our candidates at the Semi Annual General Meeting on March 22, 2022 from 5-7pm PST. We strongly encourage all our members to attend the SAGM and ratify our new Board.

There was one board position that did not receive any nominations: Chair.

Because no nominations were received, we are proceeding under our Bylaw 4.12 (below) and calling for nominees to stand for election to Chair at the Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) on Tuesday, March 22, 2022! Interested candidates should email Chris their candidacy statement by Monday, March 21 and/or present themselves as a nominee at the SAGM.

Why should YOU run for the Board Chair? This position serves many functions at the GSS. The Chair is the primary spokesperson for our organization. They are the Board’s leader and help set the tone and workflow for all GSS advocacy. They have a direct line of communication with many UVic leaders to address issues impacting graduate students. If you have or want to develop your skillsets in any of the areas below, we encourage you to consider nominating yourself to this vital role:

  1. Leadership
  2. Volunteer and Project Management
  3. University and Government Advocacy
  4. Strategic Planning
  5. Public Speaking/Media Relations
  6. University and Non-Profit Policy Development

Current Chair Candidates as of March 21:

Ladan Kalani – Candidate Statement below

Summer Okibe – Candidate Statement below

Join our team of student leaders and make a difference in your campus community today!

Please email me at for more information.

GSS Bylaws:

  • 4.10 Acclamations:
    • When a nominee runs unopposed, the acclamation shall be approved through an ordinary resolution of Grad Council or a General Meeting.
  • 4.11 In the event that no nomination is received for an Executive Board position during the electoral nomination procedures as outlined in Bylaws 4.1 through 4.10, the following elections procedures will be followed:
  1. a. The Electoral Officer will issue a call for candidates for any Executive Board positions for which there is no nominee. The call for candidates will be issued via electronic message to all members of the Society and a poster-format notice sent to each academic unit stipulating the process as outlined in Bylaw 4.11.b.
  2. b. Candidates can nominate themselves at the Semi-Annual General Meeting or submit a written statement of candidacy to the Electoral Officer at least one day prior to the Semi-Annual General Meeting.
  3. c. If a position is contested, all Society members present at the meeting will vote by secret ballot to decide the winner.
  4. d. If the position is not contested, all Society members present will vote by secret ballot to acclaim the candidate.
  5. e. Bylaw 4.11 shall only be enacted in cases where one (1) weeks’ notice can be provided before the Semi-Annual General Meeting.

Candidate Information

All Candidate Statements listed below as PDFs:

Chair – Ladan Kalani

Ladan Kalani

Chair – Summer Okibe

Summer Okibe

Director of Communications – Nicole Kent

Nicole Kent

Director of Finance – Robert Bickley

Robert Bickley

Director of Student Affairs – Nahid Pourdolat Safari

Nahid Pourdolat Safari

Director of Services – Wyatt Maddox

Wyatt Maddox


The GSS Executive Board is responsible for the governance and management of the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) and is the official representative of GSS members to the University of Victoria and other bodies who make policies that affect graduate students.

Nomination Package is available here.

Available Executive Board positions:

1. Chair

2. Director of Communications

3. Director of Finance

4. Director of Student Affairs

5. Director of Services

Term of Appointment: April 1, 2022 — March 31, 2023

How can I learn about the role?

Bylaw 9 describes the duties of Executive Board members. The GSS bylaws can be viewed here: GSS Constitution and Bylaws.

Come to one of our Meet the Board Events to learn more about these positions and the work of the Executive Board. Meet the Board Events will take place 12-1pm PST, Monday, February 14 and 5-6pm Friday, February 18. Please email for the meeting link.