Grad Council

The Graduate Representative Council (GRC) is comprised of one representative (“Grad Rep”) from each academic unit with a graduate program at UVic, the five member GSS Executive Board, and a representative of CUPE 4163 (representing sessionals and teaching and research assistants). The Grad Council meets monthly on Tuesdays at 5pm.

Representatives to the GRC are elected by students within their respective department each September.

Each Grad Rep serves on a subcommittee of the GRC. GSS committees help to carry out the goals and directives of the GRC. Committees have seats for members at large, and partcipation in a GRC committee is a key way to influence decisions made by your student society. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Department reps are elected in September and each department has its own election process. Typically an election is held by the department grad association, or an election coordinated by the grad secretary. Ask your graduate secretary about your department’s process.

Departments should make efforts to select the representative before the first meeting of the Council in September.

represent the interests of grad students in your department
report back to your home department on discussions and decisions made during Grad Council meetings
sit on one university committee a year (when possible)
hold a departmental meeting at least once a semester to discuss common issues of concern and bring concerns and issues raised back to Grad Council
participate in major governance decisions about the GSS
attend the monthly Grad Rep Council meetings the Annual General Meeting and Semi-annual General Meeting
participate in Grad Council sub-committees

While Grad Council meetings are open to all members of the society, each Academic unit on campus has only one vote. If the representative is unable to attend a meeting, they may notify the chair of an alternate who will attend in their place.

We ask that you please note: If a representative fails to attend three consecutive meetings without sending an alternate, they shall be deemed to have resigned from the Council.

Once the GSS is notified that you have been elected, you will be sent a schedule of meetings.

Grad Council meetings are held monthly on Tuesdays, at 5 pm. A light meal is served at the meeting.

Grad reps are also expected to attend the GSS Annual General Meeting in October and Semi-Annual General Meeting in March.

Please ensure that your grad secretary or departmental graduate association chair sends notice of your election and your contact information to the GSS by email to gssgov[at]

Please contact Stacy Chappel at gssmgr[at] or 250-472-5163