If you have comparable alternate coverage, you may opt out of the insurance plan(s). The deadline to opt out is September 30 (January 31 for January start students).

All opt-outs must be renewed every year by submitting a new Opt-Out form.

An online opt-out option is available during the month of September only.

Note that if you have registered for the Graduate Student Tuition Income Offset Plan with Uvic Accounting Services to pay your tuition in monthly installments, you need to opt out before September 15 for the refund to be reflected in your monthly installments.

In order to opt out, you need to show proof that you have comparable alternate insurance coverage. Students should be aware that opt-outs are randomly audited.

Opt-outs are also permitted within 30 days of a change to your insurance situation. If you acquire new comparable alternate coverage at any point during the school year, you have 30 days to contact the Health and Dental Plan Coordinator to enquire about an opt-out. Alternatively, you may decide to keep the GSS insurance plan(s) and coordinate the benefits. 

When you graduate or withdraw, you may keep the insurance coverage until it expires on August 31 or you may decide to opt out. If you decide to opt out, your coverage will be terminated at the end of the term in which you graduated or earlier if you are leaving the country permanently. The 30-days rule applies, however. In other words, you need to let the GSS know of your intention to opt out within 30 days of being eligible for an opt-out. If you are planning to opt out of the insurance plan because you graduate or withdraw, contact the Health and Dental Plan Coordinator sooner rather than later.