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Department Grant

Travel Grant

Distance Student Grant

Childcare Bursary


Department (Event) Grants

The GSS Department Grant is available for academic or social events organized by and for graduate students.

Each department can apply for up to $500 per fiscal year. (The GSS financial/fiscal year begins in April and ends in March).

If the granting funds available are not expended by December 31, departments may apply for an additional $200 in funding.

Grants are used to offset the cost of a graduate student-organized activity, publication or event that would benefit students in your department. Applications must be signed by your department’s GSS Graduate Representative Council Representative as well as three students in your department. Applications are submitted to the GSS General Office.

You will need a description of how the funds will be used, and a budget for the event.

Grants must be used for events that are free and accessible to graduate students.

We ask that the GSS is credited for the grant. We are happy to help promote your activity through our website and email bulletin.

Typical activities that receive department grants are:

Grants will not be approved if they:

Our goal is to help your department obtain these funds. Please ask for assistance and advice on your grant application, by contacting the GSS Executive Director at gssmgr[at]

You can find application forms here.


Travel Grants

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) and the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) have established a Graduate Student Travel Grant Fund. (See also the Distance Education Travel Grant)

The objective of the Travel Grant fund is to support graduate student travel to conferences, meetings, workshops, or research activities.  The FGS administers this fund, which is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible graduate students, although priority will be given to first time recipients.This grant is not available for assistance with course required travel.

Application forms can be accessed here. Completed forms should be returned to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), where the grants are administered. The funding pool is limited and the demand is high, so apply as early as you can.

If you are travelling internationally for exchange, co-op placements or field schools, you may also be eligible for the Student international activities fund.

If you are working as a Teaching Assistant you may also be eligible for CUPE 4163 Component 1's Conference Fund.



Distance Education Travel Grant

The Graduate Students’ Society established a fund to assist distance graduate students with their specific travel needs, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies graciously agreed to administer this grant. The objective of the fund is to support students in financial need to attend the on-campus residential workshops that are the requirement of many distance education graduate programs.

The application is now online:

Additional comments

Because the approval process at the GSS SAGM meant the grant could start only after the summer term began, retroactive applications are being accepted this year only.

*Please note that “Distance Programs” refers to programs where the course work is predominantly offered online. This grant does not apply to graduate students in on-campus programs who register “off-campus” to write their thesis.

Please also note that graduate students cannot apply for both the distance travel grant and the conference travel grant.

History of the grant

Through their representatives to Grad Council, graduate students in distance programs told the GSS a major concern for them was covering the cost of attending the on-campus portion of the degree program. A budget of $5000 was allocated by the GSS to cover the cost, but the GSS had no way to administer the grant. The Faculty of Graduate Studies has generously offered to handle the grant administration and help us make the program active in Summer 2013, earlier than we initially thought was possible. (Thanks FGS!)

At the March 2014 SAGM, the GSS membership decided to make this a permanent part of our budget, so the grant is now issued annually, with applications accepted beginning in May.


Childcare Bursary

When the GSS was founded, the first campaign the society undertook was to establish a campus childcare centre. Subsequently, funds were raised for an endowment to support a childcare bursary for graduate students.

GSS Childcare Bursary

The GSS created a childcare bursary to help students with children cover their childcare costs. The needs-based bursary can be used to pay for childcare through private or non-profit childcare, babysitting, or the UVIC Childcare Centre. Apply through the Student Awards and Financial Aid office. The deadline to apply is October 15.

Supporting the UVIC Childcare Centre

$1.02 of your GSS fees are allocated to the UVIC Childcare Centre, which was jointly founded by the GSS, UVIC and University of Victoria. The GSS elects a graduate student representative to the Childcare management board every year.