Telehealth for Students with valid BC MSP Numbers

Updated May 20, 2020

Individuals that have valid BC MSP number are eligible to use Telehealth to talk to a licensed physician.  Their appointment with a physician will be covered by MSP.

These physicians are able to write prescriptions that will be faxed over to a pharmacy that has the ability to receive new prescriptions.  They also have the ability to sign off on laboratory requisition forms that you can print off at home and take to LifeLabs.

UVic Health:; for Appointments: 250-721-8492

  • Visits are covered by BC MSP using a valid MSP number
  • Phone booking for in-person appointments with separate entrances when required
  • Virtual Care and Telehealth services (phone or videochat) available for UVic graduate students


  • Visits are covered by BC MSP using a valid MSP number
  • Provides live wait Cmes for walk-in clinic either online or provides a wait Cme for an in-person visit when possible
  • Not available for non-BC residents

Well Health virtualclinic+:

  • Visits are covered by BC MSP using a valid MSP number
  • Cost without provincial health coverage starts at $30+

Babaylon Health:

  • Visits are covered by MSP, AHCIP, and OHIP with valid numbers (BC, Alberta, and Ontario)
  • Cost without provincial health coverage is $65 per appointment

Maple Health:

  • Visits are covered by MSP with valid numbers
  • Cost without provincial health coverage: $49+


How to use this with your GSS Extended Health Coverage

If you require a refill of a regular prescription, call your pharmacy to ensure that they have your drug or item in stock.  You can also find out if the location has generic versions of pills or tablets, the dispensing fee, and the pricing at the pharmacy using Pacific Blue Cross’ Pharmacy Compass (

Download or create an account with the Telehealth Clinic of your choosing. 

  • Be sure to have a strong or good Internet connection
  • Have your MSP Card available to input the number
  • Your camera must be enabled for these Telehealth providers

Input the information on the website or application and answer questions related to your health concern.

A prescription given for possible eligible drugs and you can select the pharmacy of your choosing.  The physician will fax the prescription over within a couple of hours from your appointment.

Call the Pharmacy that you’d have sent your prescription to their location.  Provide the pharmacy with your information such as name, date of birth, and address.  Give them the following information:

  • Insurance Company: Pacific Blue Cross
  • Policy Number: 43222
  • Id Number: the last seven digits of your UVic ID Number
  • Be sure to mention that you’re on the UVic GRADUATE students’ plan if case they accidently put in the undergraduates’ Policy Number

Some pharmacies will do home deliveries.  Any costs associated with home deliveries are not covered by the GSS Extended Health plan.

Extended Health Claims – How to Submit Online

If the pharmacy does not do direct billing, then you will be required to submit your claims online with Pacific Blue Cross.  To create an account, you can do so at

  • Policy number: 43222
  • ID Number: the last seven digits of your UVic ID number

Click on the “Submit A Claim” Button and follow the instructions.